Watersheds and Water Trust Boards

Watershed Districts

Watershed Districts are formed for the purpose of conservation of water, or of water usage, including water-based recreation, flood prevention, flood control, erosion prevention and control of erosion, and floodwater and sediment damages.  The land area in a watershed district must be contiguous and must lie within a well-defined watershed area or subwatershed areas; and may embrace lands lying in one or more soil and water conservation districts, or lands lying partly within and partly outside a soil and water conservation district.  There are now eight active watershed districts in New Mexico since Dona Ana SWCD has recently formed the La Union Watershed District.

To view NRCS Dam Locations in New Mexico, click on the Dams.pdf file below.


Soil and Water Conservation Districts:  Please consider applying for a Water Trust Board Grant if your district is interested in doing Watershed Restoration, Endangered Species Habitat Restoration or Flood Protection Dam Rehab.  The districts have been ranking very high with their proposals, and several million dollars have been funded through districts in the last few years.  Brent Van Dyke and Debbie Hughes now serve on the Water Trust Board.  Contact them to help your district.

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