Canadian River Riparian Restoration Project

The Canadian River Riparian Restoration Project (CRRRP) is a collaboration of eight Soil and Water Conservation Districts in northeastern New Mexico. The CRRRP's goal is to restore the Watershed of the Canadian River, both on the main stem and on its tributaries, to a healthy productive state that will provide native habitat for a variety of wildlife and improve water for communities, agriculture and recreation throughout the course of the watershed. This project is a multi-phase, multi-year, multi-partnered watershed-scale effort using a headwaters down approach on over 2000 miles of river corridor. 

CRRRP restoration efforts include:
        * Treatment of nonnative invasive species
        * Mastication of standing dead invasives
        * Hand treatment
        * Riparian fencing where necessary 
        * Maintenance of areas previously treated, and 
        * Removal of additional invasive species. 

The funding of this project comes through a variety of local, state and federal grants.  Its success is due to the many partners it has been able to involve. 

The Canadian River Riparian Restoration Project is managed by Jack Chatfield, P.O. Box 226, Mosquero, NM 87733, Email:, Phone:  575-673-2320.

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