NM Conservation District Employees (NMCDE)

Attention Conservation District Employees, Farm Bill Specialists, and Supervisors!

Many District Employees may want to attend this "free" training.  NMDA will be providing an SWCD Operations Training on Friday, September 30, at the Whitfield Wildlife Refuge in Belen.  It is hosted by the Valencia SWCD who will also be providing lunch.

The training will include presentations from :  DFA, The Attorney General's Office

and the NM State Auditor's Office.

RSVP to kmechenbier@nmda.nmsu.edu by September 15,2016, to attend.


 2016 Officers and Region Representatives
During their Annual Meeting held Friday, April 22nd, 2016,
in Albuquerque, NM


During the annual meeting, magnetic name badges were distributed.  Financial matters and 2016 goals were discussed and action taken.  The meeting included training on "Dealing with Difficult People.

For more information on the NMCDE organization or the 2016 Invoice to pay your dues, please click on the NMCDE Flyer and Invoice 2016.pdf file below.


In the Fall of 2015 the NMCDE board assisted with the live auction which was a huge success at the NMACD Annual Meeting in Ruidoso.  Over 40 items were donated by partners and participating Districts. The auction raised $5,070 which was split between NMACD and NMCDE.  The Employees decided to donate half of their funds to Envirothon, and save half to assist District employees with getting state procurement certifications or to meet other training needs.

Acting President, Shay Hager, Lea SWCD, LeaSWCD@leaco.net
Vice President - Vacant
Secretary, Murlee Hollohorn, FBPS, Gallup, Murlee.Hollohorn@nm.nacdnet.net
Treasurer, Melissa May, San Juan SWCD, Melissa.May@sanjuanswcd.com
Member at Large, Peter Vigil, Taos SWCD, tswcd@newmex.com
Region I, Autumn Waconda, FBPS, Grants, Autumn.Waconda@nm.nacdnet.net
Region II, Charlotte Martinez, Taos SWCD, tswcdadmin@newmex.com
Region III, Crystal Diamond, Sierra SWCD,    crystal@beaverheadoutdoors.com
Region IV - Vacant
Region V - Vacant
Region VI, Bobbie Tolton, FBPS, Lovington SWCD, Bobbie.Tolton@nm.nacdnet.net 

Dues to belong to NMCDE are $10 per year for District Employees and Farm Bill Program Specialists (voting members), and only $5 for associate members or supervisor supporter (non-voting) memberships.

One of the main goals of NMCDE is to promote training opportunities and professional development for District employees.  At the 2014 Annual Meeting, the membership voted to use NMCDE profits from dues to use for a training stipend available to all members.  If your District does not have the funds to send you to a training or conference, you are eligible for up to $150 per year for reimbursement of registration or travel expenses.  Very few people have taken advantage of this program, so we hope to support even more employee training in 2016. 

If any of you have suggestions, volunteer assistance, questions, comments or concerns you would like to offer, please contact one of your officers or member of the Board of Directors (who are the Regional Representatives).

The NMCDE By-Laws including Amendment 1 are posted below.
NMACD Admin,
Jan 18, 2014, 11:04 AM
NMACD Admin,
Mar 31, 2016, 11:05 AM