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Sent:  Monday, December 16, 2019 2:49 PM
To:     NMCDE Employees and Affiliates
Subject: NMCDE Updates: Noxious Weed Banner, GIS training, Santa Fe Hotel block & more

Here are some updates that may interest your District:

NM Noxious Weeds Banner

Contact Vicky Milne if you would like to order a Noxious Weed Banner! victoria.milne@usda.gov 575-437-3100 ext. 3

This banner is 3’ x 5’ and printed on vinyl with grommets for $159.  It was a great outreach tool at our county fair so Vicky wanted to share it. There is no deadline for ordering.  Just let Vicky know and she can have it printed/shipped within a couple of weeks.

GIS Training

Valencia SWCD is working with Caiti Steele at the SW Climate Center to plan an ArcGIS training series. Classes would cap out around 20 people, and there is a chance laptops could be provided. Please contact Madeline Miller if you would be interested in helping to plan this or participate VALENCIAswcd@live.com.

Soil Health

A statewide committee has been working hard to implement the programs funded by the legislature under the 2019 Healthy Soils Act. The first round of funding for on the ground projects was in November, and the next deadline for Health Soil Education projects is January 15th. A call has also gone out statewide for Soil Health Champions. All of these recognize SWCDs as the local soil experts, and set Districts up as points-of-contact for these programs! If you have questions about how any of these programs work or how your District should be fielding questions from community members, respond to this email and I will pass your questions/comments along to the NM Health Soil Working Group. 

Annual Meeting Hotel Block

There is a room block set up at the Sage Inn in Santa Fe for January 20th and 21st for $75 per night plus tax (phone number 505-982-5952). This is just a few blocks from the capital where we will be setting up booths in the roundhouse for SWCD day. Thank you Dawn Privett for setting this up!  Planning for the meeting is still underway and more details will be sent out soon.

Sad News

Our Conservation family is very sad to report that former long-time Deming district employee, Pennie Hooper, passed away after being diagnosed with ALS. Lava SWCD's Cynthia Spidle also lost her husband Gene at the end of November. Our hearts are with them and their families as they go through this sad time.

Melissa May, NMCDE President, nmcdeinfo@gmail.com505-793-0294



Annual Meeting was held
9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Thursday, March 29, 2018
NM Farm Credit Building
5651 Balloon Fiesta Pkwy, Albuquerque, NM

NMCDE By-Laws approved at the March meeting are posted below.


For more information on the NMCDE organization or the 2018-2019 Invoice to pay 

your dues, please click on the NMCDE Flyer and Invoice 2018-2019.pdf file below.


The following officers and representatives were elected at the March 29th Annual Meeting:

President, Melissa May, San Juan SWCD, Melissa.May@sanjuanswcd.com
Vice President - Marcos Valdez, East Rio Arriba SWCD, Marcos.Valdez@nm.nacdnet.net
Secretary, Charlotte Martinez, Taos SWCD, cmartinez@tswcd.org
Treasurer, Kristi Gunter, San Juan SWCD, business.@sanjuanswcd.com
Member at Large, Peter Vigil, Taos SWCD, pvigil@tswcd.org
Region I, Autumn Waconda, FBPS, Grants, Autumn.Waconda@nm.nacdnet.net
Region II, Brenda Smythe, Edgewood SWCD, bsmythe.eswcd@gmail.com
Region III, Crystal Runyan Diamond, Sierra SWCD, Crystal@sierrasoil.org
Region IV - April Vogt, Northeastern SWCD, neswcd@gmail.com
Region V - Dawn Privett, Roosevelt SWCD, RooseveltSWCD@gmail.com
Region VI, Bobbie Tolton, FBPS, Lovington SWCD, Bobbie.Tolton@nm.nacdnet.net 

One of the main goals of NMCDE is to promote training opportunities and professional development for District employees.  At the 2014 Annual Meeting, the membership voted to use NMCDE profits from dues to use for a training stipend available to all members.  If your District does not have the funds to send you to a training or conference, you are eligible for up to $150 per year for reimbursement of registration or travel expenses.  In 2017 this stipend was used to help 16 district employees attend the Certified Procurement Officer (CPO) Recertification Training from New Mexico Edge on June 28th in Albuquerque.  We hope to support even more employee training in 2018. 

If any of you have suggestions, volunteer assistance, questions, comments or concerns you would like to offer, please contact one of your officers or member of the Board of Directors (who are the Regional Representatives).

The NMCDE By-Laws including Amendments 1 and 2 are posted below.
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