Farm Bill Program Technical Assistance



Left to right:  Sandra Martinez, Los Lunas; Fronia Jaramillo, Estancia; Bobbie Tolton, Lovington; Stacey Mascarenas, Hidalgo; "George" Luce, Clovis; Amy Erickson, Portales LPC; Shara Ermlich, Portales; Troy Hood; Jamie Samples, Lordsburg; Pennie Hooper, Deming; Lem Chesher, Tucumcari; Lindsey Chavez, Portales LPC; Nadine Lucero, Santa Rosa; Grace Phillips, Tucumcari.

Those not pictured are:  Ruth Ann Harriet, Johnny Ulibarri, Brenda Monrreal, Kareyl Valstadt, Pat Hunt, Vicki Ligon, Art Ariaz, Frank Casaus, Nancy Gutierrez and Isabelle Francisco.

September 2016 Update

The New Mexico Association of Conservation Districts (NMACD) manages a Technical Service Provider Program (TSP) in New Mexico to provide services authorized under the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Farm Bill Programs. NMACD administers this Program in cooperation with the following entities: USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), New Mexico Department of Agriculture (NMDA), New Mexico Soil and Water Conservation Commission, and the Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCD’s) in New Mexico.

The TSP Program was begun in July 2003 by NMACD and consists of four components:

1. An employee program under which NMACD employs technical service providers (Farm Bill Program Employees) who provide program and technical assistance to help NRCS and SWCD’s carry out the Farm Bill Programs. NMACD employees approximately twenty-five employees in New Mexico who are assigned to local NRCS field offices under local SWCD’s supervision.

2. The District Capacity Building Program functions under agreements between NMACD and participating SWCD’s. Under this program, the participating SWCD employs and supervises a Farm Bill Program Employee who works part time for the SWCD and part time for the local NRCS Field Office. NMACD reimburses the SWCD for the time for which the employee works for NRCS. There are currently two SWCD’s participating in this program, employing two employees.

3. The use of "on-demand" specialists who are self-employed individuals who provide special technical assistance on an as-needed basis. These specialists provide assistance to meet peak workload needs such as field status reviews and determinations, assistance with brush control applications, and other technical assistance needs. Over twenty former NRCS conservationists, nine professional archaeologists, and a number of other professional conservationists work under agreements with NMACD to provide this assistance.

4. NMACD under Kenny Walker's direction also administers a program for improving natural habitat conditions for the Lesser Prairie Chicken Project in eastern New Mexico. Under this program, NMACD employs two wildlife biologists with assistance as needed from the "on-demand" specialists. This program was funded by an agreement involving the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, NRCS, BLM and NMACD.

For information concerning the NMACD’s Farm Bill Technical Service Provider Program, contact:

        Troy Hood, NMACD TSP Administrative Coordinator
        1102 Villa Rd. SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124
        (505)898-5969(h); (505)280-8102(c);