COLT Leadership Program

NMACD Conservation Officers Leadership Training (COLT)

NMACD is very proud to have developed and be administering the

“first” NACD Leadership Program.

        NMACD has a new initiative and funding from an NACD grant through NRCS to administer a new Leadership Development Program.  The goal is to locate "next Generation, younger Supervisors" who have an interest in broadening their horizons to assume greater conservation leadership roles.  The grant pays for travel and per diem for these younger Supervisors and a few (maybe 5) younger district employees to attend and participate in designated meetings/ events throughout the year.  A COLT member is required to attend and participate in at least half of the meetings or training opportunities.

                Some COLT Leaders with NRCS Chief in DC          COLT Leaders we gathered in Raton
  Casey Spradley, Kendal Wilson, Chief Matt Lohr,                 Boe Lopez, Camille Graham, Chance Bradley, Kandy
  Camille Graham, Kandy Hutchins, Josh Smith,                       Hutchins, Tanya Duncan and Melissa May
  Melissa May and Marcos Valdez

  The COLT members missing from both photos are Jimbo Williams, Dee Wear and Jennie Bierner.

        We are proud to report that the program for leaders for the “next generation” is going very well!  We have added a few new members and invited the others to continue in the program.  We 13 members who have taken the challenge to be “engaged” and prepare to be the next generation leadership for NM!