COLT Leadership Program

NMACD Conservation Officers Leadership Training (COLT)

     NMACD has a new initiative and funding from an NACD grant through

NRCS to administer a new Leadership Development Program.  The goal is to

locate “next Generation, younger Supervisors” who have an interest in

broadening their horizons to assume greater conservation leadership 

roles.  The grant will pay for travel and per diem for these younger

Supervisors and a few (maybe 5) younger district employees to attend and

participate in designated meetings/events  throughout 2019.  A COLT

member is required to attend and participate in at least half of the

twelve remaining meetings or training opportunities.

    The Leadership Development Program has funding available to pay for travel and per diem to attend and participate in the following meetings throughout the year.

          1.  Joint Stockman’s Convention, Sandia Resort December 6-8, 2018

2.    60 Day Legislative Session January 15- March 16, 2019

3.    NACD Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas on February 2-6, 2019

4.    NM Legislative Session – Ag Fest on February 6th in Santa Fe

5.    NMACD Board Meeting on February 19th at Hotel Santa Fe

6.    SWCD Day is February 20th at the State Capitol

7.    Ag Feast in Rotunda on March 14, 2019

8.    NACD Fly-In to Capitol Hill in D.C. in March 2019

9.    Ag Ambassador (New Program) in April in Albuquerque

10.  Women in Agriculture Leadership Conference (WALC) May 28-30, 2019 in Albuquerque at Sheraton Uptown hotel.

11.  NMACD Road Show--3 locations June or July

12.  NACD summer conference in Santa Fe in August,1-7, 2019

13.  NMACD annual meeting in Region 4 in October or November 2019

COLT members are required to attend and participate in at least half of these meetings and training opportunities.