Acequia RCPP

Ancient Traditions Keep Desert Waters Flowing.  New Mexico's acequias—communal irrigation canals—still function as a tool to preserve and share scarce desert water. The acequias of New Mexico are communal irrigation canals, a way to share water for agriculture in a dry land.

New Mexico Association of Conservation Districts (NMACD) in cooperation with Interstate Stream Commission (ISC), New Mexico Acequia Association (NMAA), Taos Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD), Tierra Y Montes SWCD, East Rio Arriba SWCD, Upper Chama SWCD, Socorro SWCD, and the Natural Resources Conservation Service have been and continue to provide acequias throughout the State an opportunity for financial and technical assistance.

The partners with NMACD as the lead have made available the Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) through an application process.  RCPP was authorized through the Farm Bill to promote coordination between NRCS and partners to deliver conservation assistance to agricultural producers and landowners.

In 2015, NMACD was the only organization nationally piloting a unique approach in delivering conservation assistance to producers and landowners.  NMACD rather than NRCS will be provided funds to deliver technical and financial assistance to acequias.  An application and ranking process has been developed that resembles NRCS processes but will be managed by NMACD.

NMACD has successfully obtained funding through RCPP in 2016 and 2017 to continue providing Technical and Financial assistance throughout the State.  The funding for 2015 has been expended but funds remain in the 2016 Program and the 2018 Program.

If you are interested in How To Apply, please click on the file at the bottom of this page.

Photos from the 2015 Acequia RCPP Program:


         La Joya Flume 2015 Acequia RCPP First completed Acequia RCPP project

Photos from the 2016 Acequia RCPP Program:


Canones Diversion Dam S of Abiquiu Lake                   Acequia de Chili during construction – Pipeline

Los Barriales Pipeline during Construction -northern NM
Acequia de Los Fresquez Diversión Dam during construction – East of Espanola

Questa Diverson Dam