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NM Conservation Partners' Notes

New Mexico Association of 
Conservation Districts
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                   Debbie Hughes ( Phone: 575-981-2400

            Notes No. 1, 02-28-2017

This is the beginning of a series of Notes from NMACD to NM Conservation Partners to provide recent information and activities in conservation of the natural Resources in New Mexico.  These notes will be sent to a broad group of partners and their staff.  If you have information you would like to be shared with partners, please let us know and we will include in our future Notes.  (

 ·         The NRCS has announced the funding of 5 projects for $17.8m in New Mexico as part of the Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP). These 5 projects and their lead partners are:

o   Canadian River Watershed Restoration Project ($3.6m) – Canadian River Riparian Restoration Project

o   New Mexico Range and Forest Soil Health Initiative ($7m) – NMACD

o   Building Resiliency in the San Juan-Rio Chama Region ($3.25m) – East Rio Arriba SWCD

o   New Mexico Acequia Revitalization on Historic Lands ($2.9m) – NMACD, NM Interstate Streams, NM Acequia Association.

o   North Central NM Watershed Restoration Project ($1m) – Claunch-Pinto SWCD.

Three of the five projects will be implemented over 5 years with EQIP funds provided to ranchers through the EQIP program process.  Two of the projects, Acequia and Building Resiliency, will be implemented with EQIP funds but through a process that provides funds directly to the Lead Partners. 

Currently the NRCS and the Lead Partners are negotiating the details for implementation as part of the cooperative agreements for each project.  This process will be occurring through the spring and early summer of 2017, with the start of the projects expected in late summer, early fall of 2017. 

Ranchers and partners hoping to participate in these projects, where their operations include federal lands, should begin to develop the Coordinated Resource Management Plans CRMPs. 

For more information on the RCPP Projects, go to link to the NRCS website:

·         Knowledge of the EQIP program is important to the implementation of the RCPP projects and other projects with ranchers in New Mexico.  Below is a listing of some NRCS Web Sites that provide information about EQIP, special initiatives, and timeframes:


o   NRCS-NM EQIP 2017 Cost List 

o   NRCS-NM EQIP 2017 Cost List Scenarios

o   For more info, contact Kris Graham-Chavez, Asst. State Cons. For Programs. ( 505-761-4404.


NMACD Project Managers:  Norman Vigil ( 505-967-8760; George Chavez ( 505-236-9247; Ken Walker ( 575-562-0492; Donald Ellsworth ( 505-918-5559; Ken Leiting ( 505-259-8681 

NMACD Admin,
Feb 28, 2017, 9:33 AM