Welcome to New Mexico

Land of Enchantment!

New Mexico has over 77 million acres of forest, range, cropland, pasture, and other lands.  The stewards of
these lands include Federal (25%), State (12%), and
local governments (2%); Tribes (16%) and over 10,000 ranchers and farmers (45%).  These stewards came
together over 50 years ago at the local level to form the
47 Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs), under
New Mexico State Law, to help them in their stewardship responsibilities.  Mesa SWCD was the first District to form in 1938.  SWCDs have banded together to form the New Mexico Association of Conservation Districts to help them have a common voice at the state and national level.  This web site provides information about the local Soil and Water Conservation Districts, their Association, and the many Partners involved in the conservation of the natural resources in New Mexico. 
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